Mirror Photo Booth

If you want to really remember an event, then you rent a mirror photo booth. With the highest definition photo equipment and professional onsite staff to take care of the process of picture taking, Simply Photo Booths has been helping make nights special for over five years. One of the packages we offer to help customize your event in the Mirror Photo Booth Package.

Rent A Mirror Photo Booth For Your Next Event

Mirror Booths
Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

The mirror adds a touch of class and dramatic flair to the photo booth experience. We use a free-standing mirror in an open-air setting to frame and reflect the subjects of the photo. The mirror is guaranteed to be the talk of the party, attracting guests and inviting them to express themselves, have fun, and leave memories that last  a lifetime.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, Cheese

Photo booth shoots are easy and quick, taking less than a minute to take four-to-five photos of your guests in any pose they wish. Our Onsite Booth Specialists will set up and operate the booth so you are free to enjoy your event and entertain your guests. 

Mirror Booth Photo
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Why Choose Us?

Simply Photo Booths has been helping celebrate events of all shapes, sizes, and occasions for over five years. Alongside professional quality, we offer free photo booth setup & delivery and assured handicap accessibility, so no-one is left out of the fun.

Ready To Rent Your Mirror Photo Booth?

How we do it

First, we start by learning a few details about the event, including what, where, and when it is. We set up a booth wherever you need, where guests can come for a quick, one-minute photo session. Guests can choose any pose they wish, with an Onsite Booth Specialist to help run and oversee the process. Each guest can take three or four photos while you enjoy your event, leaving the rest to us.


If it’s a special event or a themed party, you can also request additions to the prop bin that make it even better suited to the big night.

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